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This site has two purposes.

My first intention is to post things here about the Jersey shore that I find interesting or that others may like to hear about. My choices of subjects and topics are my own, and will be eclectic and mostly spur of the moment. As I keep posting here some trends will likely emerge. I can’t say what these things will be as I am yet certain myself. Regardless this part of the site is meant to be helpful and informative. Feel free to comment or email me to offer your own insights, questions or suggestions.

My second intention is to use this site as an informal scrapbook. As such those parts of the site are loosely organized and as messy as my desk. That “mess” is contained within the many of pages you see linked on the right hand side of the website. You may or may not find the smattering of pages strewn about here to be helpful. Sorry if you do not but in so many ways I just don’t have the time or energy to organize the pages in this site in a more coherent manner.

That’s it.