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Fallen Officers Honored in Seaside Heights

There is no way to understand how families of police officers that are killed in the line of duty cope with the loss of their loved one. It is also difficult to know what to do for such folks, to honor the memory of their fallen family member and to recognize their loss. This does not mean one should not try to hold out a hand or make a point of saying thank you.

In a very generous and thoughtful gesture, the owners of Jenkinson’s Breakwater Beach and Casino Pier in Seaside Heights did a very nice thing for the families who have lost a family member in the line of duty. Over 275 family members were treated to a day of free fun at the beach. Among other things they were able to spend time playing in the water park located just off the boardwalk. There were also a number of NJ state officials, and fellow police officers, on hand to pay tribute to the fallen police officers.

I not only salute the families but also the Storino family, the owners who hosted the events. It was  quite an act of kindness to offer their facilities in the way they did.