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The Long Branch Boardwalk

The boardwalk at Long Branch is  one of the oldest in NJ. The modern day version is an amallgamation of brick, wood and composite materials.

The northern end of the boardwalk begins just south of Seven Presidents County Park, just off of Ocean Ave. The walkway extends a little over 2 miles and is much wider for its initial 1/2 mile or so, where it is made of brick. It then turns to a combination of wood and composite material. There are benches along its length.

Long Branch used to be the place to be in the mid to late 1800’s. President Grant added to the notoriety of the location when he began summering here in 1869. His example was then followed by others: Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Harrison, McKinley, and Wilson.

The pushpin on the map marks the location of the north end of the Long Branch boardwalk. You can click on the pushpin to open up a dialogue box where you will be able to get directions to this location.

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